The Call by Peadar Ó Guilín

What if you 31567282only had 3 minutes to save your own life and the clock is already counting down…

Three minutes.
Nessa, Megan and Anto know that any day now they wake up alone in a horrible land and realise they’ve been Called.

Two minutes.
Like all teenagers they know that they’ll be hunted down and despite all their training only 1 in 10 will survive.

One minute.
And Nessa can’t run, her polio twisted legs mean she’ll never survive her Call will she?

Time’s up.

(via Goodreads)

I purchased this book for my YA Book Club Halloween meeting.

This book’s blurb is intriguing and I was a keen to see what this was all about. So, imagine my disappointment when I began reading and there were smatterings of ‘No one knew this event would haunt them for the rest of their lives’ telling. For the first 50 pages I found the story laborious, two-dimensional and, in parts, predictable.

After about 50 pages I warmed to Nessa a little, and continued on with the story. I found some of the supporting characters fun (Meaghan!) and our villainesque Connor was nasty enough for the reader to champion any pain or death that may come to him. 30292413

I wish Nessa had been more of a leading character in this book. I found her lacking at times. Yes, I know she is differently abled and I know everyone discounts her, and that infuriates her. But what else, Nessa? People are more than the limitations of their body or station/place of birth. And if Nessa were real, I think she’d say that too.

With that said, what’s good about this book is that it’s an easy read and an interesting take on the dystopian genre. The Call left me wanting more. I understand at this time it is a standalone, but I wanted to know more about this world. I wanted to understand more of the conflict and how the world became what it is.

Not terrifying, slightly unsettling (for me). I’d recommend it for those who like YA.



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