Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge

Penelope Tredwell is 12903354the feisty 13-year-old orphan heiress of the bestselling magazine, ‘The Penny Dreadful’. Her masterly tales of the macabre are gripping Victorian Britain, even if no one knows she’s the author.

(via Goodreads)

’12 Minutes to Midnight’ is the story of Penelope Treadwell, a 13 year old orphan and author/owner of the bestselling magazine, ‘The Penny Dreadful’. She writes under a pseudonym and considers herself a Holmes-ian sleuth.

When the patients of Bedlam start scribing shocking visions of the future, Penny decides to investigate.

This book is a great read. Penny is a feisty character and she takes risks.  The story is tight, and though a little predictable (it is so hard to find a surprising book when you read all the time) it was a lot fun. The supporting characters are imagined and I enjoyed their nuances and the comic timing between Penny and the actor she hires to play Montgomery Flinch, her pseudonym.

I enjoyed the mystery surrounding the future visions and the outcome was a nice change from the normal supernatural creatures. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a break from your run of the mill YA novels.



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