Walking Dead (Vols 1-108) by Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead Comics started in 2003, seven years before the TV series took the world by storm. The comics follow Rick Grimes, family man and ex-cop trying to survive the zombie apocalypse that sprung up while he was in a coma.

While the first season of TWD TV series was mostly true to the comics, by season two all best were off. Fun fact, there is no Daryl in the comic books.

Crazy right? Arguably the most popular character on the TV series didn’t get a look in, in the comics.

Early deaths abound in the comics, and hook ups are a big part of the earlier issues. To the point of annoyance IMHO. And some people who died early in the TV series, didn’t die in the comics.


With that said, it’s still an interesting read. I am enjoying the story. There are issues, just like the series that seem to be fillers. A constant ‘walking’ episode, with walkers… And some issues are mind blowing (issue 100, anyone?)

Overall, it’s a great read to see what they did differently, and what they remained true to. Luckily for the series, they had Robert Kirkman on board, so his constant influence over any story line that deviates from the series still feels right in TWD universe.



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