Book feels…

When you hear the new Harry Potter book wasn’t written by JK Rowling…

harry potter facepalm draco malfoy slytherin gryffindor


When you finish book one and book two hasn’t been written yet…

disney sad crying pixar sadness


When your favourite character gets with one you shipped them with…

dancing happy excited happy dance exciting


When your favourite gets with the one you wouldn’t ship them with…

no dean winchester no no no


When you finish an awesome series and there are no more books…

angry star trek tantrum throwing a fit


What are your book feels?


3 thoughts on “Book feels…

  1. When your favorite author dies before finishing his 16 book series. RIP Robert Jordan, the finished series just wasn’t the same written by someone else even if he did have all your notes on how you wanted the story to progress.

    Oh and a big FUCK YOU to Stephen King for how The Dark Tower series ended. Never have i been so angry about an ending in my life.

    Piers Anthony for his Bio of a Space Tyrant series which is full of feels.

    Stephen Donaldson for the character Morn Hyland from The Gap series. Hell, you’ll feel every character in that series. Even Angus Thermopylae will have you all over the place as his character gets more complex as the series develops.

    Stephen Donaldson’s masterful Mordants Need series which will leave you breathless.

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