The Callous Catcher (The Gifted #1) – Ebony Easter

Being a teenage girl is already hard enough. But when Mariam’s little sister is murdered
on the street in broad daylight, her life takes a spin for the worst. Turns out her sister had been born with a very important ability: the power to create anything that comes to mind right in the palm of her hand. In her sister’s dying breath, the gift is handed over to Mariam.

But it’s not all fun and games. Mariam finds herself the target of a serial killer because of who she is and what she can do. And he’ll stop at nothing to catch her. There’s not much time. With the help of a secret agent and her own personal trainer, Mariam must learn to master her gift before the killer destroys her and everything she loves. In the end, she’ll realize it 80462dd21369a3520f45986a1993d27awill only come down to who lives and who dies.

(via Goodreads)

I received this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.

Ebony Easter’s Callous Catcher tells the story of Mariam, a 16 year old girl who witnesses the murder of her baby sister. What she doesn’t realise is that her sister had a special gift, the ability to materialise objects with her mind. And at her death, she passes this gift to Mariam.

And so begins the journey to control her power and learn (always the hard way) who she can and can’t trust. Throw in a serial killer (always the worst that has ever been) who is gunning for her death, and you have a typical ‘quasi-magic realism’ YA novel.

What I liked about it? It was an interesting story. In a genre that can be over-saturated with vampires and werewolves, telekinesis and creating things with ones mind is a nice change. And whilst there is a bit of romance and a hint of a love triangle, it doesn’t form part of the story and by the time the romance is looked at, the love triangle is now just two people.

What I disliked about it? SO MANY SPELLING ERRORS. And punctuation was also terrible. Formatting was an after-thought, so you have pages where whole paragraphs are indented. Characters are having conversations with themselves because the wrong character name is being dialogue tagged. In one sentence she’s climbing into her driver’s car, and in that same sentence she is running up the stairs to her home. It was distracting and after while became an irritation that made me want to place this book in my DNF pile.

I am aware that this is the author’s first novel. I am also aware that it is self-published. However, there should be some modicum of editing and proofreading done before these are put out into the world. If you can afford to self-publish, you can afford to pay an editor to go through your work.

I can tell Easter really loved this story. And it is, at its heart, a good story. But it needs a lot of work. I probably won’t seek out book two.



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