The Wind that Ruffled the Field – Jer’ell Hartsig




1979, Hollywood California. It’s not only shocking but revealing a true story. Convinced that she is in fact a “woman trapped in a man’s body”, she realizes that she needs to distance herself from her past life and decides to move out west and settle in California to start a new life.

By chance she meets a wealthy Beverly Hills man who is fascinated and intrigued by her and her story. His kindness and generosity sweeps her off her feet so when he offers her a deal with a generous amount of money it becomes almost too good to be true . With his interrogation like approach it becomes a daily routine for her to report in detail every ongoing adventure while he is hiding his alternative motive of deceit and betrayal by relaying the details of her life back to his writers and colleagues as they reinvent what is to become the story of “Pretty Woman”. The movie makers looked on in silence snatching up my smiles, capturing my innocence that played out like a fairy tale. This is my story of strength, persistence and survival in “The Wind that Ruffled the Field”

(via Goodreads)

For such an important topic I really wish that this had been given to professional editors. And if it was, I would ask for a refund. The glaring punctuation and grammatical errors marred what should have been an insightful and thought provoking book

All that aside, this story (though disjointed) is an interesting insight into one person’s struggle to become their true self.

The final chapter is the whole movie of ‘Pretty Woman’ summarised into a few pages. It wasn’t until this last chapter did the blurb on the back of the book make sense. And even then, I think there are far more explosive revelations out there that Hollywood is concerned with.

I really wanted to like this book. I really wanted to understand this issue more, especially when a friend of mine has just gone through transition. I wanted further information on the snapshots that were provided.




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