Broken by Susanne Valenti

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Broken is book three in the Cage of Lies series. The world and the characters we return to are darker, perilous. After the ending of Linked, the characters are shadows of their former selves. Our main character, Maya, no longer resembles the girl she once was. She wants revenge and she will do anything to get it.


Valenti continues to world build very well, as we explore more of the landscape outside of the city and the home she has come to know. There is a lot of action in this book and the characters are dealing with darker, deeper emotions. While Broken is a YA novel, it straddles New Adult and with the character growth throughout the first three novels, it seems to be progressing towards a more NA style of novel.

Maya remains a strong character and one that you can bond with. She is darker, but not at the expense of our feeling for her. We understand her pain and motive, and can sympathise.

Taylor (the other character who has followed Maya since the beginning) has a large role in this book and I just couldn’t connect with him. I found him childish, controlling and overall unlikable.

Laurie seemed to mature a lot during this book and I found myself liking her more as each scene with her passed. And out band of newcomers (not new anymore, actually) Hunter and Alicia are still as engaging as the day they arrived. The arrival of Blane is a fresh breath and I enjoyed his cheek and wit.

I had read this book thinking it was a final book of a trilogy and imagine my surprise when the ending came and I realised that must not be the case. For those readers who have begun this story at the beginning and stuck with it, there are some nice payoffs throughout the stories, without being unbelievable.



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