Lifeline Bookfest Adventures


Every year, Lifeline (charity group) holds their Bookfest. One week of pure bliss for any bibliophile. Three sections – $1 books, $2.50 books, and the High Quality section. This book fair is my yearly splurge. And this year did not disappoint!


For five and a half hours today, I trawled countless trestle tables, sifting through a million books. In some sections I had to share personal space with someone as we read spine after spine after spine, leaving sore necks and shoulders.


I came away with about 31 books this year (I was limited by how much I could carry!). Had the best day and feel like I’ve run a marathon!! Some who visit the fair go crazy, buying hundreds of books. I took a snap of one lady who bought some light reading:


I might employ the use of the trolley next year 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lifeline Bookfest Adventures

  1. I love book fairs! They are such a great opportunity to chance upon reads we might never have discovered before. I recently bought about 16 at one, but there was one year where I bought around 25. The selection was nowhere near as expansive as this one! I hope you find the time to delight in all your purchases 🙂

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