Halloween Book Tag

I wasn’t nominated, but I can’t resist. The original creator – TheLibraryOfSarah has privatised the original video she made, but I found the questions from thebookiemonsters.wordpress.com.

Favourite horror book?

Without a doubt, IT by Stephen King. Scared the pants off me. To this day, the book still gives me the creeps. It’s probably the clown…


Scariest moment in a book you’ve read?

The final scenes of Richard Laymon’s ‘The Cellar’. I won’t spoil it, but it’s pretty horrific and tense.


Would you or have you ever dressed up as a book character for Halloween?

I went to a Halloween party a few years ago as psycho Red Riding Hood. Great costume. I still have it. There is a few photos but they have my partner in them so I wont’ post them here. Have the below interpretation instead 🙂


What do you think your favourite character would dress up as for Halloween?

I have a number of favourite characters and they all exist in the speculative fiction, crime and horror worlds. I guess they would dress up as themselves!

What is your favourite kind of horror? (gore, psychological thriller, spooky)

There is something to be said for a tense and taught thriller over gratuitous gore. You turn the page with a tightness in your chest because you’re unsure what’s going to happen, not because the scenes jumping off the page are sickening.


If books were as cheap as candy, which ones would you give out to trick-or-treaters?

I’d give a pack – HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and Agatha Christie. A nice mix of intriguing thrillers.


Halloween to-read list?

This Halloween I am on the last two review copy books by Susanne Valenti and Lena Coakley. Loving them both, but not really traditional Halloween reading 🙂 If I had to recommend one, anything by Ann  Radcliffe (Mysteries of Udolpho is one of the best) or Matthew Lewis’s ‘The Monk’.


Recommend some Halloween reads!

See above!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Book Tag

  1. IT, i still can’t watch IT let alone read it. Never let your children watch this lol.
    Why my high school thought it would be a great ‘movie in class’ in my formative years i will never know.

    Stephen King also wrote a book called ‘Geralds Game’… still to this day the only book i’ve had to stop reading because it freaked me out so much. *shivers*


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