Last Light Falling: The Covenant by J E Plemons

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


If your fate has already been chosen for you, would you change it? Fifteen-year-old Arena Power blindly accepts her destiny in a world filled with tragedy, chaos, and a lingering wickedness that will tempt every man’s soul until the last days on Earth. Set in the United States in the year 2053, America, like most of the world, has undergone catastrophic earthquakes, famine, and an economic collapse, which has rendered the nation hopeless. It has turned to other nations, like Russia and China, to help restore what was once a world power. Unfortunately, the new America has grossly caused civil unrest that will eventually be the precursor to a much bigger war of biblical proportions.

Last Light Falling was a book I was intrigued with from the cover and the blurb. I have been reading and enjoying a lot of dystopian novels of late, so I was keen to get my hands on a copy.

Reading this, for me, was hard work.

I found the narrative to be more telling rather than showing. Our main character is 15 years old and I just didn’t believe half of the things she said, or said she felt. Supporting characters were, at times, cardboard cut outs of cliched characters.

World-building had promise but I was always left asking more questions. Parts of the dialogue didn’t sound like the characters compared to other sections of the book. Additionally, phrasing and word usage sometimes didn’t match the characters.

Going in, I really wanted to like this book. But I found it derivative and unpolished. I won’t be reading any more of the series.



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