Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna #1) by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood’ follows the story of Cas Lowood and his witch Mother who travel the country hunting ghosts. Cas inherited the ghost hunter mantle after the violent death of his father. While on the road he hears about ‘Anna Dressed in Blood’, a particularly violent ghost terrorising the residents of Thunder Bay. For reasons unknown, he is drawn to her, and takes up the job.


This book is a little different to the last few I’ve read in the YA realm. Told from Cas’s point of view, he is a strong and unapologetic character. The story provides a clear arc in which to watch Cas evolve and the supporting characters are vivid and play off each other well.

I wanted the book to be a little fleshier. However, I know that this is book one of a series, so I am looking forward to seeing where this goes. The interaction between Cas and the titular Anna is good but again, I wanted some more. Internal thought during these exchanges would have been really helpful at times but maybe that is what the author intended because it’s told from the POV of a male character. Having said that last statement, I don’t believe that all men hide their feelings from themselves and believe that they are quite adept at inward examination.

Overall, I liked this novel. It was an easy read and would be good if one (who was interested in the genre) was going through a reading slump and wanted something to pick them up. It’s not for younger readers as some of the scenes are graphic and there is some adult language.



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